Sports fun taken to a new dimension!

Cutting edge technology

This goalkeeper will amaze you. No matter how fast you shoot and how well you aim, the RoboKeeper will save almost every shot. This isn’t luck or magic, it’s cutting edge technology that makes this goalie to the fastest of the world. more …

Events worldwide

We have references of hundreds of events with RoboKeeper worldwide. Our robot goalkeeper fits to every kind of event: public events, corporate events, Incentives, fares and exhibitions, tv shootings and roadshows.

4 sports

RoboKeeper soccer was our first project but now you can choose between four sports: soccer, handball, hockey and field hockey. For soccer we have to veriations. more …

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RoboKeeper vs. Messi

RoboKeeper vs. Neymar

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4attention | what we do

Besides our famous RoboKeeper we can offer you a great variety of outstanding interactive modules and entertaining concepts.
If you want to present your company best as it can be and at the same time looking for something very special – you have found your matching partner.

If you need ideas for an internal or external event, a trade or road show, or whatever is on your list – we create the perfect concept together with and for you!

We are proud of our work, but we don’t want to show off.
Let’s have a real live meeting if you want to see more – after all this is still a people business.


Due to our creative ideas and concepts we deliver unforgettable moments and lasting memories for participants, visitors and employees and on top they can experience the emotional atmosphere of sport in a realistic situation.

Direct and personal interaction between target group and company/brand will turn your brand into an individual experience for everybody.
For further details on this please have a look at the following information and pages.

To get an idea of of our course of action please have a look at the references which we have successfully gathered for more than 12 years.

United Freestyler
(Show Group)

For years now, our freestylers have been delivering astonishing and enthralling sights and moments across the world. Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Los Angeles, Berlin, Shanghai, Cape Town, Barcelona, Khartoum, Dubai – the cities at which the freestylers have already appeared, are just as varied as the repertoire of tricks and potential stagings of the group itself.

When it was formed in 2003, the show group was seen as ground-breaking, and so in part 4attention signalled the start of the freestyle scene in Germany. All members of the group can boast numerous past highlights, whether as the “skills double” for the “Kaiser” Franz Beckenbauer, as the champion of the “Wetten, dass …” TV show in China, as cinematic stars, as the presenters of a DVD educational film, as current Guinness Book world record holders and, of course, as the star act of countless events and shows.

Another special aspect of the show group is its interdisciplinary concept. Of course football is the number one sport, but it is the combination with other types of sport that generates the appeal of some shows. Whether it be basketball, breakdance, parkour/”tricking”, urban dance, BMX flatland or Sign-Twisting – the possibilities are diverse and variably combinable with one another. Here you can see the Variety of shows.

Workshops and trick training events have been coming increasingly to the fore in recent years. This is where our freestyle pros pass on their skills to others who share their enthusiasm for the sport. With a specially developed teaching concept, the sessions can be tailored to every target group and rapid learning results are guaranteed.

T-Wall 64 & T-Wall 16
(reaction wall)

The T-Wall reaction wall is an interactive sport and training device that measures and trains reactions, coordination and movement ability.
Different gaming levels for adults and children call for reaction speed and coordination.

It is easy to use, flexible structure of each level, objective time evaluation and self-explanatory process makes the T-Wall suitable for use in a variety of areas.

The T-Wall is always a crowd puller and eyecatcher!

If, for example, you’re looking for an entertaining and interactive event module for your fair stand or workshop that fits into less space and will encourage everyone to participate, the T-Wall is just what you need.

That’s what Stefan Raab and his candidate on the ProSieben TV show “Schlag den Raab” have already found out.

A large display shows the playing time and the successful contacts for players and viewers.